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// If anyone deserves all the awards this season its Tony Goldwyn. This mans acting ability knows no bounds and he portrays Fitz so beautifully and with such diverse emotion.//




Tony is actually the only one that I think has been consistently great this season despite the writing.  Jeff has had moments and so has Kerry but Tony has consistently been flawless.  That scene of him carrying Jerry and the scene in the Oval were heartbreaking and powerful in spite of the nonsense surrounding it.  It was believable reaction for someone that has had to endure a lot of loss.  He’s just great. 

Tony is the best actor on Scandal. Jeff Perry is also fantastic. Guillermo had better material Seasons 1 and 2. So did Kerry.

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- 1,000,000 points to Shonda Rimes for this season. She underutilized Harrison then probably killed him off (although that part might be entirely his off-screen fault), she had us watch the Huck-Quinn debacle, she didn’t kill anyone in the bombing, and she turned this show I used to love into a completely unbelievable sh*tshow.

This looks so good !!!!


This looks so good !!!!

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// 2 things I dont want to hear on scandal again//




Are Vermont and fucking jam unless they are in Vermont making jam.


And babies






No matter what, he looks delightful!

This man will be the death of me, LOOK AT HIM

I love how big he is smiling!

He Sooo Sexy TFG is Hot!

Always here for my daddy Tony!!

Looking back, the third season was short on story and long on time. Because you could essentially watch three episodes of this season and learn everything you needed to know: the first, the last, and “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie,” which tells the story of Mellie’s terrible secret. Multiple flashbacks from this episode go back to just those two episodes—a quick and dirty way of making the viewers connect the dots. As far as season-long arcs go, it’s bad storytelling. There were whole sections of this season that either didn’t work or didn’t go anywhere. Nothing about Quinn, Huck, or even Harrison was particularly interesting; and in the end, what happened to James and to Sally didn’t even matter. Drama was produced merely for shock value, and more than once, Scandal lost sight of who its characters were.
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He was surely talking about Columbus Short personally… Right? Smh. 😬

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I was born as a little baby just swagging. I had swag as a toddler.

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He did not. That was not said.

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is this a Joke?

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Stahp it!

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ADMIRAL!!!! He was just born with the swag

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BAHAHA. There is NOTHING I don’t love about this man!

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And Mr. Goldwyn is officially an OG!

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For the win.

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But he really did say this. I thought it was a joke.


He is adorable.

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Olivia x Fitz planning ‘Vermont’ in the Oval 3x18

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